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Return to School Week One

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Hello Hazelgrove Parents and Caregivers:

Please see the attached letter below which provides details about the first week of school, including the schedule.

~ Hazelgrove Elementary

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Elementary Transition Program

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​August 31, 2020

Dear Parents:

** This email is being sent to all Surrey Schools parents with K-7 students **

On August 26th, the Surrey School District shared its plans to safely return to in-class instruction. These plans reflect the measures put forth by provincial health experts and the Ministry of Education and include the important steps our schools will take to safely welcome our students back in September. 

We are confident in our plans, but we know that many of our families are nervous. In response to parent feedback and concerns, we will be offering an Elementary Transition Program that will available to all families who are not yet ready to have their child return to full-time face-to-face instruction when school begins in September.

This program is a combination of online and face-to-face learning through your local school, with a gradual transition back to full time in-class instruction by January 2021. 

For more information on this transition program, please review the following resources:

All parents interested in registering for this program will need to complete this form by 4:00 p.m. September 8, 2020. 

Please complete one form for each elementary aged child. If your child is scheduled to start at Hazelgrove Elementary and move to Maddaugh in January, please choose Hazelgrove Elementary as your current school from the drop down menu on the form. 

Thank you and we hope you are having a great summer.

Paul Marsden,


Hazelgrove Elementary

School Supplies! Order now through School Start.

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Just a friendly reminder that you can order all or some of your school supplies through School Start.  All orders this year are shipping direct to your home.  Please see the flyer attached below for more details or visit our Facebook page.

Thanks for supporting a PAC fundraiser! 

Hazelgrove 2020-2021 Bell Schedule and Calendar

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See attachment below for details.

Maddaugh Road Elementary Out of Catchment Requests

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  June 8, 2020

Dear Maddaugh Road Parents and Caregivers:

We are sending this memo out to all parents in the school community, but it is only relevant to those families living in the Maddaugh Road Elementary catchment. These students will be starting at Hazelgrove next September, but will be moving over to the new school when it opens (likely in January 2021).

Plans for Maddaugh Road’s opening are well underway. Staff has been hired and the principal, Mr. Vendramin, is excited to welcome students to their new school. As you are aware, all students living in the Maddaugh Road catchment (with the exception of grade 7 students and their siblings) will be organized into Maddaugh classrooms at Hazelgrove and will be moving together with their classmates to the new school.

If there are exceptional circumstances that need to be considered for your child to stay at Hazelgrove next year you are asked to contact the school office and submit an out-of-catchment request form by June 15th, 2020. Families may also submit a brief letter outlining their request. As Hazelgrove is significantly over capacity, it is anticipated that very few out-of-catchment requests to remain at Hazelgrove can be accommodated. Any out-of-catchment request will only be considered in unique circumstances, and will be dependent upon available space. Families may not know the status of their request until September.

Please contact the school if you have any questions. Thank you.


Paul Marsden,


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