2013 Online Winter Fundraisers

Thank you for supporting Hazelgrove Elementary in our fundraising efforts for Student Activities and Equipment!  

The following can be ordered online: Western Direct Frozen Foods; Darvonda Nurseries Poinsettias; Gift Cards.

 *** All PayPal payments will be charged an extra $1.00 to orders (to offset extra charges for using service).*** 

Purdy's is done on their own website and DFS is a paper form only.


Darvonda Nurseries Poinsettias: 


Western Direct Frozen Foods:


Western Direct Frozen Foods Cont'd:



 Western Direct Frozen Foods:


 Purdy's Online Ordering:

    Click on the following link to be redirected to the Purdy's online ordering benefiting our Hazelgrove PAC : http://www.purdysgpp.com/JoinAGroup.aspx?c=20447  . Then sign up as a new member.


 Pay for Gift Card Orders Here: