Night with Santa

Wow, this turned out to be a better fund raiser than we had anticipated.  We raised over $2,000 at this event!!!  Way to go Hazelgrove Parents!

Congratulations to D Watson on winning the Gingerbread House and to A Ferguson who had the winning 50/50 ticket (#0442058). 

The evening was amazing.  A special thank you to all the parents that donated cakes for the cake walk - there were 30 cakes and we raised almost $375 with JUST the cake walk.  It was a hit and we couldn't have done it if we didn't have all those cakes.

There were quite a few letters written to Santa and have been sent of to Santa's Workshop.  As long as the address' were correct, Santa should be sending a letter back!

A HUGE thanks to the parents that volunteered.  This evening would not have run as smoothly without you.  It's great to know that there are so many parents willing to help out.

Thank you to all the vendors that purchased a table for the event as well.  The corridor was quite packed and was enjoyed by all.