Community Bottle Drive

Saturday January 9th, our school ran our first bottle drive and it was a huge success raising $700 towards the playground!  The Clayton community did not disappoint as our bottle drive team worked hard all day sorting the overwhelming volume of bottles!   Carload after Carload was delivered to our little recycling depot!

Our sorting team worked like professionals keeping the growing bottle mountain at bay!  Bag after bag was quickly sorted, counted, and prepped for pickup.

Shawn Brady and I (Sterling Haglund) were the Glassware Team.  Shawn and I sorted hundreds of water, Juice, beer and wine bottles! Of course, the kids got in on the help…

On Sunday, Mohammad, from the Cloverdale Bottle Depot, picked up the loot. He was amazing in his accuracy of the count and his customer service was better then I have seen in a very long time.

It was a huge success and I look forward to next years Bottle Drive.  I would like to thank the following volunteers for their time and hard work over the weekend. Also huge thanks to the Community of Clayton Village! --- Sterling Haglund

Michelle Haglund

Shawn Brady

Trina Brady               

Jennifer Der

Dave Der

Tarik Belarbi

Christina Morrison

Trish Pritchard

Palem Chettiar

Paul Payne

Tara McCrone

Cloverdale Bottle Depot

Please see below attachment for pictures!