Fun Fair 2013 - Help with Donations

It's that time of year again!!!

For the past 3 years, our Fun Fairs have been bigger successes than we ever expected.  We are hoping this year will top the previous years!

With help from companies from our community, we have raised almost $60,000 over the past 3 years. Last year we had approximately 1,800 people attend our Fun Fair.  This year, weather permitting, we are expecting over 2,000 people to attend.  

ALL of our sponsors will be thanked on our website and links will be posted to their webpage.  They will also be listed on our flyers which will be posted throughout our community as well as on the GIANT board that will be posted at our school.  (To have your business on the flyers/board, we require your donation by April 12, 2013.)  There will also be a special table set up for sponsors to advertise themselves through business cards and/or pamphlets.  Business' supporting the Fun Fair on a larger scale, ($750 or more) not only have the before mentioned advertising opportunity, but they will be able to post banners and set up a table to have direct contact with over 2,000 people that will be attending.  

How can you help??  

    We need more sponsors.  If you have your own business and want to promote it, or know of someone that has their own business or has connections within a business, the fun fair is a GREAT way to promote a company.  

    Another way you can help is by going to companies around Langley & Cloverdale and asking them for a donation.  Below is a list of companies that we are asking for donations from.  If there is a company that needs to be asked if they can donate and you are able to ask them, we can provide you with a letter to take to them.  Please email for further information.

Thanks for your support!!!